Breadings – Tips For Watching The Sodium Content

Breadings – These can be tricky on a low sodium diet because sodium in breadings can be sneaky. Plain flour is most commonly used to bread meats or vegetables for cooking, especially frying. Flour tends to need salt otherwise it tastes bland like paste. Try adding seasonings (like Gusto) to the flour before breading; this… Read more »

Are chilies a fruit or a vegetable?

What do you think? Do you know your fruits and vegetables? Are chilies a vegetable or a fruit? This picture might have given you a clue. Sort of looks like a fruit hanging from a tree. Yes, you might be surprised to learn, that chili peppers are a fruit. This includes bell peppers. Click these… Read more »

Did you know that there Are over 500 known varieties of known chilies?

There are over 500 known varieties of chiles in the world, with all chiles originating in Central America. Chilies don’t have to be hot but they do add flavor. Learn to add some to your food and you will add flavor. The same chilies will taste different when they are fresh (if you use the… Read more »

Happy 4th of July – Barbecue Sauce Recipe

Wishing you a Happy 4th of July. I love fireworks, so we will watch them tonight. Barbecue is popular today. Typical barbecue sauce can be quite salty (high in sodium). Here is a link for my Barbecue Sauce Recipe in the cookbook. It can be a bit spicy with the Calypso. (You can cut back… Read more »

Sometimes We All Can Use A Little Umph – Same When Cooking

Sometimes We Just Need A Little More Umph. Same when cooking. Try stronger seasonings like Bravado Chili Seasoning, Calypso Jamaican-Style Hot & Spicy, Gusto Garlic and Herb Pepper (more of an all-around seasoning) best when browned. Like when pan browning or, Roasting, Broiling, & BBQ

Gift Ideas For Father’s Day & June Is Men’s Health Month

Gift Ideas For Father’s Day And June Is Men’s Health Month Cooking Gifts For Easier And More Flavorful Meals Especially When Following A Low Sodium Diet Cooking gifts would be appreciated by almost anyone that cooks, especially when on a low sodium diet. These folks must do most of their own cooking at home to… Read more »

Do You Know How To Grill Low Sodium Vegetables?

At this time of year, Spring and Summer, with all the varieties of vegetables coming into their season. Nothing is more beautiful than a platter of grilled vegetables. Make sure to grill extra vegetables to add more flavor and serve in sandwiches, salads, omelets, snacks, etc. Learn 8 tips for added flavor when grilling vegetables

Salt-Free Seasonings Offer Help Living With A Low Sodium Diet

Salt-free seasonings are the key to living with a low sodium diet. Low sodium diets do not have to be bland. You need good quality salt-free seasonings. The seasonings need to be fresh with good aroma and you need a variety of them. You will be surprised how quickly you can become tired of the… Read more »

3 Tips To Help Calculate Your Daily Sodium Intake

When you are told to go on a low sodium diet. The dietitian or doctor may tell you to keep your daily sodium intake below 2000mg or (2g that’s 2 grams). Perhaps you are told to stay below, 1500mg, or 1000mg, 500mg or even 100mg of sodium per day. How do you calculate how much… Read more »

Parsley Stems vs Cilantro Stems

Low Sodium Cooking Tip: When blending or chopping fresh parsley do not use the stems as they taste bitter. However, when blending or chopping fresh cilantro you can use the stems as they taste sweet.

You May Have Heard “We Eat With Our Eyes First.”

Cook with a rainbow of colors. You’ve heard the saying “We eat with our eyes first.” Choose to make your food more colorful. This tip makes your diet more interesting with a variety of colorful fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and grains. Here are a few ideas you might try. When using a basic yellow or… Read more »

Do You Know What Gremolata Is?

It is a flavorful Italian condiment. When you think of condiments it is usually ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, relish, hot sauce, and salsa. Here is a condiment many of you may not have heard of called Gremolata. This is a classic Italian condiment/relish, that is very flavorful. It has a citrusy, fresh garden brightness, that is… Read more »

If Life Gives You Lemons Keep Them They Boost Flavor

Always keep fresh lemons and/or limes on hand. You won’t believe the difference they can make. Your tongue has trouble distinguishing between salt and sour as you pucker up with either. By adding a squeeze of fresh lemon juice at the end of your cooking or at the table, you’ll find many dishes brighten up… Read more »

Doc Says No More Salt…What Can I Do?

First step: Take the salt shaker off the table and don’t add salt to your cooking. Just don’t do it. Tip: You don’t need to add salt to water when cooking potatoes, rice, pasta or even oatmeal. Your toppings will be enough to flavor them. Just eliminating salt from the table and your cooking is… Read more »

Do you know the rule for substituting fresh herbs for dried?

When substituting fresh herbs for dried herbs usually the dried herbs are much stronger. The rule of thumb is 3 to 1. One Tablespoon = three teaspoons of fresh herbs to 1 teaspoon of dried. For best results, the dried should be fragrant. The more aroma you smell, usually the fresher they will be so… Read more »

Salt Substitutes And Trying To Make Your Food Taste Salty Should Not Be Your Only Goal

Using salt substitutes to make food taste salty should not be your only goal. When eating a low sodium diet, you need flavor too. You will need to learn how to get rid of bland food. This includes learning how to increase flavor by using salt-free seasonings, fresh herbs, fresh vegetables, citrus and fruits, kinds… Read more »

Why Do We Crave Salty Foods?

Some people just love and crave salt. Are you one of them? Do you love salt on fries, eggs, rice, chips, or tomatoes? How about avocado, soups, steak, corn, popcorn, oatmeal, or grapefruit? Have you seen anyone salt pickles or pizza? Besides copious amounts of sugar and caffeine, today’s typical American sure does have an… Read more »

Tips For Helping You Calculate Your Daily Sodium Intake

The powers-that-be, doctors, nurses, dietitians, recommend that people take in between 1,500 milligrams or less with health problems and maximum 2,300 milligrams of sodium daily for a healthy person. For the record, one teaspoon of table salt equals about 2,300 milligrams of sodium. If you’re like most people in America, then you’re consuming way more… Read more »

The Differences Between Sodium and Salt

If you mention the word “salt” to people, the vast majority know exactly what you’re talking about and what it is. “The white stuff you put on food” is the typical response, right? Then there’s the word “sodium,” which not as many people can clearly identify. Some people use salt and sodium interchangeably, as if… Read more »

Reasons to Cut Down on Sodium Intake

Why are so many people today suffering from conditions such as hypertension? Could it stem from consuming foods with too much salt? That could be a factor. The American Heart Association recommends that we take in no more than 2,300mg (milligrams) of sodium per day and most low sodium diet guidelines should be 1,500 mg… Read more »