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Maximize The Use of Seasonings, Herbs and Spices For A More Flavorful Healthy Diet

Seasonings are so important when cooking a healthy diet. There are ways you can bring out the flavor of seasonings, herbs, spices, and chilies. How you cook them, when you add them and how you store them all make a difference when trying to maximize flavor. Learn more click here:

Are chilies a fruit or a vegetable?

What do you think? Do you know your fruits and vegetables? Are chilies a vegetable or a fruit? This picture might have given you a clue. Sort of looks like a fruit hanging from a tree. Yes, you might be surprised to learn, that chili peppers are a fruit. This includes bell peppers. Click these… Read more »

Did you know that there Are over 500 known varieties of known chilies?

There are over 500 known varieties of chiles in the world, with all chiles originating in Central America. Chilies don’t have to be hot but they do add flavor. Learn to add some to your food and you will add flavor. The same chilies will taste different when they are fresh (if you use the… Read more »

Sometimes We All Can Use A Little Umph – Same When Cooking

Sometimes We Just Need A Little More Umph. Same when cooking. Try stronger seasonings like Bravado Chili Seasoning, Calypso Jamaican-Style Hot & Spicy, Gusto Garlic and Herb Pepper (more of an all-around seasoning) best when browned. Like when pan browning or, Roasting, Broiling, & BBQ

Did You Know October is National Chili Month?

Is there such a thing as a good salt-free chili? What? You have never heard of such a thing? I think we have it. It’s our Bravado chili seasoning that makes the difference. This is a very complete, balanced blend of seven different chilies, plus garlic, onion, cumin, oregano, to name a few of the… Read more »