BEST Spices on the Planet!

My husband and I found your salt-free spice blend, Table Tasty, in Dr. Greger’s book entitled “How Not to Die.” My husband and I have to restrict salt intake; therefore, we ordered some Table Tasty. WOW! You have the best No-Salt Seasonings on the planet!!! Just last night we used some Zesty Lemon & Herb Seasoning (from one of the samples you sent us) on our baked fish… OUTSTANDING! Many thanks for an outstanding product! Your company is amazing!!!

Sue Wickliffe
Omaha, NE

My husband and I put these seasonings on EVERYTHING!!! They give all dishes a great, tasty, “boost”. There is seldom a time that a meal is prepared where it doesn’t get a Benson’s Boost!!! Try it! You won’t be disappointed! Not only does it taste great–but it’s healthy too!

Nancy S
San Clemente, CA

Just a note to say Thank You. Recently, I had an unexpected stay at the hospital and they discovered I had a heart condition. My menu at the hospital came to me salt free and very bland. A friend brought me a bottle of your Table Tasty. What a difference! I could really enjoy my food.

Annabelle S
Sun City, CA

Last year my husband was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and was told to severely restrict the sodium in his diet. At first, learning to cook without salt was really a challenge. The food was pretty bland. A friend found your website and emailed it to me. Though I ordered the whole salt free collection, I was especially interested in the ‘salt substitute’. When it arrived at my home, I sprinkled a little Table Tasty out on my palm and tasted it. I couldn’t believe it. It really provides that ‘salty’ zing. My husband uses it on everything and loves it. We tell everyone how wonderful your product is. I also like the other blends, especially Supreme. Thank you for your great products.

Gayle E
Lynchburg, OH

I received the Sportsmen’s set as a Christmas gift and I am really impressed. The seasonings are really good. I always have venison in the freezer and I really enjoy the Ponderosa. It’s the best seasoning I have ever used. Thank you.

Ron P
Macomb, IL

Hi Benson’s, Just wanted to let you know that I just love your seasonings. I have been using them I think since you opened your business. I know for sure since the LA County Fair in 1990. I have tried other salt free seasonings, but yours are by far the Best! Keep up the good work.

Jan D
Montclair, CA

I’ve used your seasonings for years and absolutely love them. The only one I haven’t tried is the Ponderosa. Thanks for making so many available. Being a diabetic, it sure makes my cooking a lot easier, and great flavor.

Betsy B
Hookset, NH

I want you to know that I really enjoy my cooking now. I cook just for myself and it is easy to shake on some of your seasoning and cook. The food tastes good and smells good. I especially like your Calypso on pork chops. Your Bravado chili seasoning is the best. I make my chili with your Simply Chili recipe and it is always great. I tried my first meatloaf with Masterpiece in the crock pot like you suggested, and it was the best I have ever eaten. Thank you for making such a difference in my life.

George A
Hacienda Hts, CA

Now, I can enjoy my popcorn again. Thanks Bensons for Table Tasty! What a terriffic salt substitute! I bought at the Sacramento Boat Show a while back and found you again online.

Paul A
Sacramento, CA

I am a gourmet cook, but sometimes “quick & dirty” does it, i.e., spice mix — and Benson’s are the best. Until I found your spice mixes, there WERE none that would do it. I was pleased to meet Ms. Benson at a Farmers’ Market, and after much chit-chat and tasting of free samples, I bought an odd assortment, mostly for game and the spiciest ones. I’m still working through my box of 6. So far this is what I’ve done: Try this: London broil marinated for (at least) 24 to 36 hours in plenty of Ponderosa with red wine (Cab Sauv), crushed garlic cloves (about 4 lg), red wine vinegar and extra virgin imported Italian olive oil. Grill or broil to medium rare. It isn’t venison…but it’s close!!!! OR Turkey thigh marinated (a few hours) in Calypso with mixed tropical juices (pineapple, mango, papaya, passion fruit, etc.), lemon juice, extra virgin imported olive oil, some freshly ground pepper, and baked. Heaven! (use pure juice, please, not “nectar” which is primarily high fructose corn syrup and other sweetners). Sprinkle with chopped cashews and toasted unsweetened coconut. Out of this world!

Victoria L
Pasadena, CA

I received a set of your seasonings as a gift. What a difference in my food. I have been struggling with a salt free and diabetic diet for years. These seasonings are the best I have ever used. Thank you so much. Also, I love your recipes. I make the Spinach and Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breasts, or the Chicken Supreme almost every week.

Anne H
El Monte, CA

Just wanted to let everyone know how good your seasonings are. I bought originally at one of the home shows in Orange County, CA., where you were cooking that wonderful Chicken Supreme recipe. I will never forget the aroma. I love all of your seasonings. I especially like Zesty and always use it in my salt free tuna salad. Tell everyone they need to buy these seasonings. There is just too much salt in everything. Too many heart attacks and strokes and too much high blood pressure. Your seasonings really are the Best. I wish you much Success.

Linda O
Las Vegas, NV

Hey, wait a minute…I was reading some of the testimonials and noticed no one is talking about Gusto. Gusto is the best one. I mean it! It’s the Best! I use it for everything! This is the one for steaks. I love it on hamburgers, pork chops, chicken fried steak, a roast, in beef stew. I make that Beer Can Chicken Recipe all the time. I shake it like a pepper shaker on my eggs and baked potatoes and it makes the best fried potatoes. Try it! Be generous with it. It’s great! I know it may not be politically correct to talk about beef and frying, but let’s get real, most of us eat this way at least occasionally. Go with Gusto!!!!!

Greg W
Reno, NV

I am a new customer to the Benson’s Gourmet Seasonings and I just want everyone to know if you are on a salt-free/taste-free diet then you are going to be so happy you have these seasonings. I am on this 6 Week Makeover Plan and as a Salt junkie, I was going through some serious withdrawal. I was in my second week and was wondering how in the world am I going to do this. The food had no taste. I kept reading about using herbs and different spices so I went out and bought everything that was suggested and went from food that had no taste to food that still had no taste and was cover with what looked like grass clippings. Well, long story short I said that there has got to be something out there that is salt-free and can give flavor to the food, and I came across this site. I was reading the advertising when I saw that you could get a sample of the Table Tasty. I was missing the salty taste so much and wanted to stay as true to my eating plan as I could but was finding it so difficult, so I was excited about something that would give me a salty taste without the salt. So I ordered a sample and WOW!!! I could not believe how good the Table Tasty was. I immediately called to order and I am so glad to have flavor back in my food. I am experimenting with all the different blends but right now my favorites are Table Tasty (of course), Ponderosa, Masterpiece, and Supreme. I had a chance to speak with Debbie and she is the sweetest person. She gave me helpful information that I am using. Thank you Benson’s Gourmet for making these products available to me. I just sent my cousin a small care package so that she can see how wonderful your seasonings are.

Valeria A
Arizona City, AZ

I just wanted to drop you guys an email letting you know that I have featured your wonderful products today on my website www.lowcountryhunting.com . Toni W, my wife’s grandmother in Riverside, CA, sent us the Sportsman’s Collection a while back, and we love it. So I thought I would let all of my readers know about it too!

Thanks again for such amazing seasonings!

Jeff H
Garnett, SC

Well, you ought to get some sort of Nobel Peace Prize or something for the # of lives you have helped. I have severe kidney disease and my diet is pretty much vegetables only, raw and cooked if I want to prevent dialysis as long as possible. Potassium Chloride is not acceptable to many people for many health conditions as you know, especially kidney disease. You can die instantly from too much potassium in your blood. The “Table Tasty” seasoning should be sold in every retail food outlet in existence! I am so thankful I stumbled upon your link in a kidney disease support group – it really is making the difference in how well I am sticking to a very strict diet. I can’t understand why I haven’t heard of this before it is so unbelievably GOOD and replicates the salt taste so closely. Nothing else even comes close. I will forever be indebted to you. I am passing the word around to all groups I belong to and all my friends and relatives. I am sure you will be getting additional customers although I’m sure you don’t need them! Thanks again. Your friend,

John D
Denver, CO

I love my Table Tasty, it is so good. I bought the complete set first at the Riverside Farmers Market about 7 years ago. Smelling the Chicken Supreme cooking hooked me. I was on so many medications and so restricted to my diet, I thought there was no hope. Now I buy Table Tasty by the pounds, yes pounds and use several of the cooking seasonings, I especially like the Ponderosa. Benson’s has made such a difference in my life and my husband John’s life as well. You know I wish you much success. You’ve got great taste buds. Thank you so much.

Barbara D
Riverside, CA

Just received my sample packet of Table Tasty— God Bless you! You Will not believe how close to regular salt this is. I have been on a low sodium diet for almost three years and this one sample packet has brought back the joyous possibilities of cooking and ENJOYING my food again. I have learned to eat food without seasoning but thank God, now I don’t and won’t have to! I was skeptical when I ordered the sample and I haven’t had it analyzed or anything, but if it’s truly salt and potassium free, this will liberate millions of people once the word is out! That’s why I say Thank God for you and your Mom for coming up with this incredible seasoning.

Dee W.
Springfield, MO

Benson’s Gourmet Seasonings and service are simply the best. Every seasoning that I have tasted from your company has been delicious. As a personal nutritionist, I encourage all of my clients to use your Benson’s Gourmet Seasonings and I would highly recommend your salt-free seasonings to anyone. They are exceptional quality for the price and make cooking a fabulous meal a breeze! I am truly impressed with the unique flavors of your seasonings and my clients can’t get enough of your salt-free varieties. I have many clients on a low-sodium diet and Benson’s allows these clients to experience GREAT taste without the sodium content. I personally use Benson’s Seasonings in each of my meals; my morning eggs, afternoon salad and evening roast.

Amie Valpone, Nutritionist and author of The Healthy Apple blog, www.thehealthyapple.wordpress.com

Amie V
New York City, NY

I placed an order about 6 weeks ago for some of the Benson’s Seasonings. I have been on a low sodium diet for almost 4 years and have tried all the tricks and many seasonings. When I got the Table Tasty I could not believe it! It is truly remarkable and it adds so much flavor to my food. I kept tasting it and I never thought in a million years you could get something to taste that good without salt or ESPECIALLY Potassium Chloride. I have tried the Supreme and Gusto and they are great as well. This means so much to so many people. I just reordered a full pound of the Table Tasty today. Debbie is such a nice person to do business with. I have a feeling she is going to be very very busy once the word gets out about these seasonings. Thank you so much.

Roy N
Kingston, TN

I just wanted to say thank you so much. My mother-in-law has diabetes, kidney, and liver diseases. She has been put on a very strick no salt, no potassium, no sugar diet. She has been complaining how bland her food tastes. Which also makes her not want to eat. I came across your site and had you send her a sample of Table Tasty and one of Supreme. She loves the Supreme so today I bought her a 3 pack (Tasty, Supreme, & Gusto). Thank you for all you do, for the lives you change. It is much appreciated. When I start my website selling natural products I want to feature Benson’s Seasonings.

Rosanna G
Phoenix AZ

Wow, just wow. I just received the sample of Table Tasty after having a very cordial and informative talk with Debbie on the phone, and it is delicious. I can’t tell you how many “salt substitutes” I have tried since I learned the hereditary high blood pressure has set in. The taste of many is acrid and bitter and nowhere near that natural zesty salty flavor I’ve been missing, but when I tasted the Table Tasty just now I feel relieved that I am not sentenced to a lifetime of blandness. Thank you. This could be a life enhancement experience for so many people, actually improve the quality of their lives. I am going to order sets for my children as well as friends and tell everyone I think could benefit from this. Regards, Marilyn

Marilyn W
Chicago, IL

Hello…I used Table Tasty for the first time this evening. My husband has a serious cardiac condition, and cannot use any form of sodium. I used it to bake veal chops…in a baking plastic bag. I put a very small amount of olive oil on the chops and then put a generous amount of Table Tasty on both sides of the chops. I closed the bag and baked them until cooked medium well. After taking the bag out of the oven I cut a small hole in the bottom corner to let the liquid drip in a small pan. I skimmed the small amount of fat from the top and boiled the liquid down. I made fresh roasted garlic mashed potatoes. I put the boiled-down drippings (which were seasoned with the Table Tasty while baking) on the meat and potatoes. I also made broiled aparagus and put some Table Tasty on them with a very small amount of olive oil….before broiling. The entire meal was wonderful. The Table Tasty provided these items with so much flavor….unlike many other sodium free spices. Thank You,

Kathleen B.O.
Boston, MA

Dear Potential Table Tasty Addict

So, here you are thinking about trying Table Tasty. You are on a brand new website you’ve never seen before, wondering if the flavor reality of Table Tasty will lead to yet another wasted purchase, or better yet, you’re imagining your taste buds actually leaping for joy because they finally found the product they’ve been yearning for that makes a salt-free or reduced-sodium diet absolutely enjoyable! I have been where you are before, and want to help you make that decision. You see, this moment right now will make a huge impact on your life, believe it or not. This moment, you have come upon the seasoning that defies logic in that it tastes deliciously salty while also providing an incredible flavor all it’s own. At this moment, you have found “seasoning heaven”. Welcome to Benson’s Gourmet!

I found Table Tasty about two months ago. I am a Nutritarian, meaning I consume only whole plant foods, and do not consume salt other than what is in my food naturally. I transitioned to this diet because I wanted to lose weight and ensure my long-term health. I love, did you hear me, LOVE salt! I actually used to eat bouillon cubes before I became a health conscious individual, but I digress.

Naturally, this was a very hard transition. I tried every spice and accompanying variety I could get my hands on, Mrs. Dash, Spike, Nutritional Yeast and others, but nothing brought back the “comfort” in my soups until I took my first tiny taste of Table Tasty.

That is all it took. One tiny taste and I was changed. My taste buds lept for joy! It was perfectly salty and bursting with flavor. I now use it in everything, from nuts to soups to sauces. It is the reason I happily consume a salt-free diet so easily, and it is the reason I am writing this letter to you now. We need to spread the word about this incredible health-promoting product (because it enables you to ditch the salt) and make sure it is available for generations upon generations. I have already gone through two of the 1lb bags! Please, if you are seeking a product to enable you to enjoy living salt-free, take the risk right now and try Table Tasty. You will be so pleased with yourself, and even more importantly, will ensure your success in pursuit of a healthy body and mind. This is that moment we spoke about earlier, right now…go!

Jessica-Marie B
Clovis, NM

Just started using Bensons Seasonings and let me tell you, it is for real !! Table Tasty is amazing on popcorn. I have Meniere’s Disease and my life had to change without salt in my diet. Now I can enjoy food again. Please, don’t hesitate to try this wonderful product…it is all it says it is !!!

Grant G
Hoover, Alabama

I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and told by my doctor to switch to a no salt diet. I went online and found your site and it has been a Godsend. The seasonings are so very tasty and I have never missed the salt. The seasonings that I bought are tasty and blend in well with all my recipes. Best of all, my blood pressure is way down. Please, never go out of business.

Cynthia T
Staten Island, NY

Holy Cow! I enjoy food again. Believe it or not, the only thing that stops my “ear roar” is to be on an extremely low sodium diet (600-1000 mg/day) and I thought my life was ruined because food tasted SO BLAND. The other salt substitutes are so awful and so full of potassium! But your seasonings are awesome. The Table Tasty is wonderful. I’ll be ordering it by the pound now. I am a nurse and work in the cardiac field. One of my patients told me about your products. You can be sure that I am passing the word along – to all of my patients AND to my E.N.T. doctor and his staff! Thanks so much for spicing up my life!

Dori G
Boise, Idaho

I just want to say that Table Tasty is the best stuff ever and I LOVE it!!!!! I am beginning a salt-free diet and as a salt addict it is the hardest thing I have ever done (food wise). I heard raving reviews about your seasoning on a message board and was SO glad I found you! I will be a LIFE long customer from here on out and will order often. I am so excited over table tasty it is DELICIOUS!! THANK THANK THANK YOU!! and please continue to provide these seasonings forever and ever… I can’t wait to try the new table tasty’s you are developing. This has been a miracle in my house!!!

With much gratitude

Tiffany C.
Arlington TN

I tried a 2 oz. bottle of Tasty Table salt substitute. I thought it was absolutely wonderful. It actually tastes like salt, minus the retention of fluid in your body. I tried a salt substitute in the past and it was horrible. After some time, I thought I would try looking on the internet. I prayed and asked God to allow me to find something that really worked, and actually tasted like salt. Debra, you really hit the nail on the proverbial head when these products were created. As far as I and these products are concerned, when it comes to salt substitutes, you’ve got my business from now on. I pray God has and will continue to bless your efforts. Congratulations, and keep up the good work!

Debora W.
Philadelphia, PA

FINALLY! Something that tastes like salt without potassium and all the other un-natural additives and nasty taste. I talked directly to Debbie Benson who by the way is very informative and truly interested in what people need!!! I have conjestive heart failure stage 4 and have tried every salt substitute out there, so I was skeptical when Debbie told me about her TABLE TASTY tricking my taste buds into thinking I was eating salt. I did not agree with her because I have been a “salt addict” all my life. She sent me a sample. She made a believer out of me! The next day after trying the TABLE TASTY sample, I ordered 3 lbs. of the the stuff. It was awesome to say the least. Thank God and thank Debbie now I can enjoy eating again. I also ordered some of her other spices so stay tuned. Yes there is life without salt for real!!

I said stayed tuned because I had just received my sample of Table Tasty and told you what I thought of it. Well now that my “family selection” of the six spices plus cookbook has arrived, I truly don’t know I ate without them…….I am not kidding!! I no longer buy fresh herbs from the store because Benson’s is MUCH better tasting and fresh ones go to waste. Just the aroma of Bensons spices when you open the bottle makes your mouth water. Trust me I have tried everything and am very picky!! I hope I am saving you some time and energy because if you have any problem with salt , sugar, preservatives etc. look no farther………EVERYTHING you need to satisfy your taste buds, Bensons has it all covered and its all good for you!! I never eat what is good for me because it was too nasty of a taste, but NOT Bensons…….it truly makes eating a pleasure again. I wish people esp. with heart disease and diabetes would just find out about Bensons! The recipes in the book are easy and delicious as well……..thanks Debbie!! I’ll be back!!!!!

Debbie, you really need to market that spicy bar b que sauce recipe in the little cook book you send with your orders. That is the best sauce I have ever tasted and get rave reviews from others who can’t believe it has no salt except for the small amount in the low sodium ketsup that it calls for. I am almost ready to order more spices………I love love love them!! I have already gone through 1lb of the table tasty because I cook with it and I am always cooking!! Your products have literally saved my life! I can even lay flat to sleep now instead of sitting up because since I don’t use salt, the water does not build up around my heart and lungs as it did before. I wish there was some way for doctors to write a precription for your products………esp. the TABLE TASTY!! I was the worst at having to have salt until I started using the table tasty. Thank you Bensons for blessing so many people and making eating enjoyable again!!

Karen E
Moore OK

I love Table Tasty. After the doctor put me on my low sodium diet, I was really discouraged. I tried every salt substitute on the store shelves, all I can say is yuck they have the worst taste. I read about your seasoning on a blog, and bought the sample pack. I loved it. Even my 10 year old loves it. The other seasonings are wonderful add so much flavor, and such great prices. I just bought a 1 lb of the Tasty Table and now we are adding the Bravado Chili to our collection. Love the Zesty sprinkled on my salads with a bit of lemon juice and drizzled Extra Virgin Olive Oil, yummy. Now I can enjoy my baked potatoes and many other foods with lots of flavor. I tell everyone I meet about these seasonings.

Carol L.
Sunnyvale, CA

Thank you so much for introducing me to your seasonings. I am enjoying them so much. This is a new path I am on and I was so scared about a no salt & sugar free diet. But after trying your seasonings, life is looking up and now I am enjoying eating, the healthy way. Again, thank you so much. God Bless you, your business and family,

JoAnn H
Kenansville, NC

WOW!!!!!! I was skeptical when I ordered from your website, but I received it today and tried them all, and man o man this stuff is GOOD! THANK YOU DEBBIE, and your MOM.

So you people trying to decide about whether to order or not, DO IT!, the Table Tasty, and all the others in the family collection are wonderful, its a real gold find for me, I have meniere’s disease and have to stay on a very low salt diet and I have tried everything, believe me, I enjoy the Table Tasty, I went ahead and ordered a 1lb bag of it today! I wish this was sold in all stores.

Thank You again Debbie!

Brenda S
Brooks, GA

Thank you, I received my order today. I have not been able to have anything that tasted like salt in a long time, but the Table Tasty you sent me, tastes just like salt. I used Table Tasty in a dish and my wife who eats salt, could not tell the difference. It was great to have that salt taste again. I will make sure to send you more customers. Thanks so much for your great products…

Brian S
Tampa, FL

Debbie, Thank you for replacing my lost order. There is nothing on the Australian market to equal your product. I will become a regular customer. It is not only a complete substitute for salt, it is superior to it in that it enhances the flavour of the food.

Walter F
Sydney, Australia

Your seasonings are Manna from Heaven!!! I’m a victim of Kidney Stones (Calcium Oxalate) I have suffered 6 major attacks. The most recent June 22nd. passing 6 stones and having to have the 7th surgically removed. I have to have Shock Wave treatment for a stone in the other kidney the 24th of August. I have to follow a strict Low sodium and Low Oxatate diet, so finding your fabulous seasonings lit me up like a Christmas Tree. They are the BEST!!! I LOVE THEM!!! Thanks So Much!!!

Norma R
Coalinga, CA

Update: Debbie, your a blessing to me, your spices have really helped me change my life, went to my e.n.t doc the other day, and was told my hearing in my left ear is improving !!! Meniere’s disease is awful !! but you have made it possible to enjoy food again, your my angel ! really, haha !! please don’t ever stop what your doing, you are changing lives, i credit your spices for my recovery, sooo…thanks a million!

Grant G
Hoover, AL

My sister, who is on a virtually salt-free diet for a serious health condition, was coming to town and I wanted to buy a salt substitute. After researching a little I realized that all of the substitutes sold in the market had potassium chloride – not a good option. I found Benson’s on the Internet and called to have the entire set of all 9 seasonings overnighted to get there in time for her arrival and boy was I happy I did! Well worth the cost of overnight shipping, my sister and I had a great time making each meal with a different seasoning blend. The Table Tasty is FANTASTIC!!! Thank you so much Debbie for all of your help and for making such a great product. Even though I don’t need to be on a salt free diet, I’m making the switch myself to your products. I’m placing a new order for me right this second!!!

Michelle R
Weston, FL

I love salt and the thought of giving it up seemed nearly impossible. When my girlfriend asked me to cut out the salt, I thought that it would be so hard. I found Benson’s seasoning and to my surprise it did the trick. It did take some time for my taste buds to wake-up from being killed by all of the salt I added to my foods. All of the products are satisfying and I use it on everything. No more salt for me! I LOVE IT!

Aielo, HI

Hi, Debbie! I got a sample of your Table Tasty several years ago, liked it a lot, and did nothing about it. Well, two weeks ago, I had a massive heart attack! Seven stents in my heart later, I came home to a pretty dismal salt-free outlook to the rest of my eating life! I remembered your sample, dug it out of my spice cupboard, and fell in love with it all over again! I ordered three shakers of it this morning, and I think I’ll be buying a pound bag of it in the near future. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your wonderful product! I can’t wait for it to arrive!

Pat B
Harrison Township, MI

Your product may be the WORST THING imaginable!!!

Just when I had resigned myself to tasteless food… to recipes with NO SALT… to food whose taste fell into the “I can eat it if I have to” category… I tried your product. I was expecting for it to be JUST AWFUL! But Wait! Now food tastes good again… now soups taste like soups… now vegetables are palatable again… now cooked eggs have a satisfying flavor.

Without salt it was easy to lose weight… but with Table Tasty and your other seasonings, food tastes good again… so, I now have to pay attention and not overeat… and it’s all your fault!

Seriously though… your product is wonderful. Like so many others I have tried several other products… including potassium chloride with all its potentially lethal properties… none were acceptable. Table Tasty actually has a salty taste and does not overwhelm with hot spices that burn the mouth.

Your products are remarkable! I am so glad I stumbled upon your site and took a risk by ordering your product. It has proven well worth it and I will be ordering again. Wonderful stuff… great job!

Charles M
Rockwall, TX

This is the best seasoning we have ever had! We are on a low sodium, gluten-free and potassium-free eating plans. Food was just boring and bland. Discovering Benson’s Gourmet Seasonings brought back the taste of food again and has made meal time enjoyable for the first time in years. Thank you Benson’s! The Table Tasty (along with ALL the other seasonings) are the best! Wish we could buy them in stores locally. Congratulations on a top product in the marketplace!

Thanks! and thank you so much for new sample…..you have the best products ever! :)….certainly have lowered my blood pressure, big time! Thanks for coming up with such a wonderful seasoning (seasonings!)….they all are great!

Ferne K
Anderson, SC

My Uncle Ron is a diabetic and was recently diagnosed with kidney failure. The only thing he asked for, for Father’s Day was to be able to taste his food. He’s on a very restricted diet; no sugar, no salt, no potassium, no tomatoes. This is a bland and tasteless diet. I asked for a sample of Table Tasty after reading other testimonials. My sample arrived within a week and just in time for Father’s Day. Thanks to Benson’s Gourmet Seasonings, my Uncle Ron had a Happy Father’s Day! My Uncle likes Table Tasty and he can finally have flavorful food with Benson’s Seasonings that’s allowed in his diet. I placed my order for more on Father’s Day. Thanks to all at Benson’s Gourmet Seasonings!

Connie L
Royal Oak, MI

You Go Girl!

These seasonings are amazing. I was recently told by my Dr to lower my sodium intake or I would have to go on medication. Now it’s serious. Told my girlfriend and she suggested your company. She had be buying from you for years at the Del Mar Fair and now orders by mail. After trying what I found in the grocery store…terrible, I looked-up your website and called you. You sent me a sample of Table Tasty. I was thrilled. Hope at last. I told my girlfriend Thank you. Shocker. She didn’t even use Table Tasty. You told me that most of your long time customers never order Table Tasty, and I couldn’t believe it. She orders Supreme by the pound and most of the others by the bottle, but never Table Tasty. I told her how good it was on popcorn. Now she is gonna order it. Table Tasty with Bravado is the best flavor. Thank you so much.

Jackie D
San Diego, CA

I am a new customer and I just LOVE these seasonings. My favorite so far is the Table Tasty. It is a perfect salt replacement and I use it on popcorn, vegetables, pasta..pretty much everything I can. The flavor is amazing. Thank you so much for making this product line. As someone who has high blood pressure, I am so happy that I don’t have to sacrifice flavor in reducing sodium. My family loves it too! Thanks Bensons!

Marcie S
Eugene, OR

I’ll never forget my first encounter with Table Tasty. I had been searching desperately for something to “spice up” my food again. My health is so delicate that it’s imperative I eat NO salt whatsoever and must stay away from anything unnatural. My nutritarian diet was awfully bland and then I heard about Benson’s Gourmet Seasonings. I requested samples and was really excited when they arrived. I opened the Table Tasty and stuck my finger in it boldly to take a taste. As the salty flavor filled my mouth, I panicked, spit it out, rinsed out my mouth and raced up the stairs to the computer to read the website again. It assured me that there was absolutely no salt or chemicals, just pure natural flavor that was about to change most everything about my meals. I have since ordered every blend that Benson’s offers and love them all. Our home will never be without Benson’s and Table Tasty is an absolute staple. Everyone I’ve shared it with is amazed and falls in love with it just like I did. Thank you so much, Benson’s. You’ve put the spice back in my life!!

Deb M.
Pflugerville, TX

GREAT FOR HCG!!! I have been using Benson’s Seasonings for more than 15 years – LOVE them. I recently found another reason to stick with these great products: My husband and I are doing the HCG diet and if any of you know this diet at all, you know how incredibly restrictive it is. Usually, we are killing ourselves to find a way to make proteins taste good without using any seasonings or condiments (because most contain sugar, etc). Well… Benson’s is the answer! After reviewing Benson’s ingredients, we realized they match the HCG diet restrictions well and we sprinkle them on our TINY portions of meat at every meal making even the most bland diet taste really wonderful. So here we are, doing this HCG thing again before our wedding. 30 full days of seriously unexciting, tiny meals…..and Benson’s comes to the rescue to make this tolerable!!! If we look svelte in our wedding pictures, it’s definitely the weight-loss, but it’s also a BIG THANK YOU to Benson’s!

Sherri O.
Fort Collins, CO

l have been on a low sodium diet for 6 years and tried all kinds of salt subs. When l tasted the Table Tasty, l couldn’t believe how good it tasted. This is by far the Best salt sub l have ever had. l will be using your products from now on and will let everyone know about your products. l can’t wait to try more of your seasonings.

S. Goodyear

Dear Debbie, I’ve learned one thing this time around. NEVER run out of Table Tasty before your new shipment comes. I was feeling something approaching withdrawal symptoms without it! Please, never change this wonderful blend–it is marvelous. My youngest daughter–now 24(!)–prefers it to salt on her popcorn.
Many thanks,

P.S. Go to: ArturoOnWine.com if you’d care to see what I do during the day…

Arturo C.
Durham, NC

I love all of it, and my husbands sodium is down 60 percent!!!! My food tastes great!

Billie S.
Shoreline, WA

These are the BEST seasonings ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!!! I have been using Table Tasty and Bravado seasonings for almost 5 years now. I was diagnosed with a kidney disease in 09′ and by chance found this website and fell in LOVE with their delicious seasonings!! I have turned on my friends, family and even strangers to them!! Love Love LOVE you guys. Thank you for giving me my joy of eating back again. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Don D.
Fresno, CA

I was able to fix a Tex-Mex dinner for Cinco de Mayo with less than 200 mgs. of sodium, thanks to Bravado and Table Tasty. I have a congenital heart problem, and my doc put me on a very low sodium diet. Thanks to Benson’s for making it tasty!

Victoria S.
Tucker, GA

Love your products. After being diagnosed with exceptionally high blood pressure and cholesterol, I went through my kitchen and threw out every spice with salt in it. I changed my entire diet. Your table tasty is well used in this house and after this next order comes, I will be ordering by the 1 pound bag. Thanks for a great and safe product.

Greenfield Township, ME

As a renal dietitian, I am always looking for creative ways to season foods that are salt-free for our patients. I requested samples last week and received them within a few days. This week we planned a food event and we brought in a popcorn popper and set it up in the lobby. We used Benson’s Table Tasty seasoning on the popcorn and offered it to all of our renal patients that came that day. Let me just say, it was a HUGE hit! They didn’t even mention that they missed salt! We also gave each one the sample and brochure to go with it! Thanks so much for all of your help!

M Sanders RD, LDN
Dublin, GA

I am totally enjoying my Table Tasty so much!!! God bless you and your family for making this possible! I truly don’t miss salt anymore 🙂

Cindie F.
Clearwater, FL

I was on the phone with your (Very Pleasant) Customer Service Rep. when the USPS delivered my two containers of Tasty Table from you. I retrieved it from the mail box, walked into my house, opened a container and shook some out into my hand to taste… Simply put? AMAZING!!! I had sooo missed the taste of salt in my food that eating had become more of a chore, than a pleasurable experience, Your product has changed that for me, I can actually say your product has changed my life considerably. Tonight will be a surf and turf night with Ribeye steaks and freash Atlantic Shrimp, and will be seasoned with your fantastic product. I want to thank you, your wonderful Cust. Ser. Rep. and your company, for making my life a lot more pleasurable… Expect more orders from the Florida Keys, this is too good not to be shared with my many friends…Again…Thank You!!

Chuck K.
Key Largo, FL

The day I called to put my order in I had no idea that my husband would be going in the hospital that afternoon. I can’t remember the name of the gal that I talk to from your company, but she was wonderful and so good not to be talking to a recording.

Your company reminds me of how companies use to treat you back in the 1940s 50s. You can tell by the way they treat you on the phone that they do everything with pride. The packaging with the gold string that is done so nicely that it’s already gift wrapped for you…. Then when you open the box you see these darling jars with the different colored lids, adorable! I thought the colored lids were so cute that I put them out on the counter and they have been there ever since, they just look so nice.

The spices are absolutely delicious. The spice names are cute, the jars are cute and each one is absolutely delicious on everything. From now on the only spices that I have will be coming from Benson’s.

I cannot think of anything that should be changed you did a perfect job all the way around, thank you very much …. The quality of your company just shines.

Many thanks

Nancy G
South Bend, IN

I LOVE my Benson’s salt substitutes! You have made my salt free life liveable again – and I never thought I’d say that. I have recommended it to many of my friends.

JoAnn F
Hamden, CT

My mom has many health issues and recently she was diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension. This means she is on a diet of no salt. She is Puerto Rican and they use lots of seasoning in everything. She lost 15 pounds in three weeks and was crying because the food did not have any taste. I made a research and read the reviews of Bensons Seasoning. Called Customer Service and they shipped immediately the BENSONS TABLE TASTY. One month after my mom is not depressed anymore and she had gained the pounds. She is very happy with the season and uses it for everything (Beans, Rice, Meats, and soups). It really has a great taste!!!!!!! Now everyone in my house is using the seasoning to avoid many diseases related to salt. I have no words of appreciation for the Customer Service Rep. God Bless you!!! PS: Tip- If you are a Latino like us a small bottle will not be enough you will need the large bag or and collection package…Many Thanks

Damarys R
Miami FL

Better Taste Than Salt

Better Taste Than SaltI tried table tasty for the first time in Australia today and was pleasantly surprised at its lingering satisfying salty flavour. It leaves every other salt substitute far behind in flavor & satisfying salty taste. It’s great to know also that my partner who has a kidney problem can, at last, enjoy the full flavour of both our meals without worry.I am now about to order another tri-pack.

Frank Wearne

Table Tasty

Table Tastey Amazing. I have to watch my potassium intake and sugar and salt. This is the best product I have ever come across. Taste is great. Such a blessing t find something that will add flavor to otherwise bland food. Thank you so much for your wonderful products.

Mildred C


Awesome for those looking for a substitute this is awesome if you eat it on things it has a twang to it at first but then it tastes like salt. I have tried many substitutes this one is the best.

Andrea P

I love the flavor

I love the flavor and use this on anything I would have used salt on, in the past.