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What Are the Benefits of Fresh Garlic?

Fresh Garlic

People have been using garlic for medicinal purposes for thousands of years now. There is evidence that suggests that the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans all found ways to utilize garlic. More recently, scientists have discovered that garlic contains sulfur compounds in it that can keep people healthy. Check out some of the benefits of… Read more »

Maximize The Use of Seasonings, Herbs and Spices For A More Flavorful Healthy Diet

Seasonings are so important when cooking a healthy diet. There are ways you can bring out the flavor of seasonings, herbs, spices, and chilies. How you cook them, when you add them and how you store them all make a difference when trying to maximize flavor. Learn more click here:

Do You Know What Gremolata Is?

It is a flavorful Italian condiment. When you think of condiments it is usually ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, relish, hot sauce, and salsa. Here is a condiment many of you may not have heard of called Gremolata. This is a classic Italian condiment/relish, that is very flavorful. It has a citrusy, fresh garden brightness, that is… Read more »

How much garlic?

A bulb of garlic is called a head or a whole head of garlic. Each of the wedges is called a clove of garlic or a garlic clove. 1 clove of garlic = a teaspoon. 3 cloves = a tablespoon. A roasted head of garlic makes about a tablespoon. Click here to learn more…

Garlic tips – How you use it makes a difference

Prepare the garlic and use it. Don’t chop the garlic too far ahead of time as it starts oxidizing and turning bitter. You may have noticed on most cooking shows, they chop the garlic and it goes directly into the pan. This is best way for the best flavor. If you must chop a head… Read more »

Garlic – How to Store It

How you store garlic makes a difference in the flavor and health benefits Store garlic in a cool dry place. Not in the refrigerator and don’t freeze it as freezing deadens the flavor. Stored properly, fresh garlic will keep a month or more. Keep the garlic head as whole as possible, with the paper skins…. Read more »

Purchase the freshest garlic

How you purchase, store, prepare and cook garlic, makes a difference in the flavor and the health benefits. Purchase the freshest garlic, as it has the best taste. Farmer’s markets are great for this as they usually have many varieties of hardneck or softneck to experiment with. The white bulb is the more common American… Read more »

April is National Garlic Month

I love garlic both for the health benefits and for it’s flavor. You might have noticed, all of the seasonings have garlic in them. The amounts are different, with Supreme having the most garlic and Table Tasty having the least amount which is none. Most of our recipes have fresh garlic in them. Some of… Read more »

Health Benefits of Garlic You Might Not Know

Having good health, especially a good healthy heart, is not just about not doing certain things. Eliminating salt or at least lowering your sodium intake, is an important first step. It’s also about adding to your diet certain foods that can help your heart. Add garlic, especially fresh garlic to your diet. Besides adding flavor,… Read more »