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Happy 4th of July – Barbecue Sauce Recipe

Wishing you a Happy 4th of July. I love fireworks, so we will watch them tonight. Barbecue is popular today. Typical barbecue sauce can be quite salty (high in sodium). Here is a link for my Barbecue Sauce Recipe in the cookbook. It can be a bit spicy with the Calypso. (You can cut back… Read more »

Sometimes We All Can Use A Little Umph – Same When Cooking

Sometimes We Just Need A Little More Umph. Same when cooking. Try stronger seasonings like Bravado Chili Seasoning, Calypso Jamaican-Style Hot & Spicy, Gusto Garlic and Herb Pepper (more of an all-around seasoning) best when browned. Like when pan browning or, Roasting, Broiling, & BBQ