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How Salt and Sodium Impacts Humans

The Effects of Sodium and Salt on the Human Body

If you don’t take in enough sodium on a regular basis, it could cause problems for your body. Sodium plays a very important role in the human body as it’s responsible for helping control nerve impulses, allowing muscles to contract and relax, and keeping water and minerals balanced. But you don’t want to take in… Read more »

An Overview of Sodium in Spices

Sodium in Spices

Most people know there is sodium contained in salt. That sodium can lead to health problems like high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke if you take in too much of it every day. Nevertheless, what people don’t always realize is that there is sodium contained in many other spices, too. Check out some of… Read more »

How Does Sodium Affect Your Body?

How Sodium Affects the Body

One of main reasons people visit the Benson’s Gourmet Seasonings website is because they’re looking to enhance the flavor of their food without salt, aka sodium. Usually, they’ve been told by their doctor that they MUST cut down on their salt/sodium intake because it’s causing all sorts of health problems. The Effects of Sodium on… Read more »

Reasons to Reduce Your Sodium Intake

Sodium Intake

Do you have high blood pressure? There are a wide range of variables that can cause it. Nevertheless, one of the most common causes of high blood pressure is taking in too much salt day in and day out. By cutting back on the amount of salt that you eat, you can bring your blood… Read more »

Any idea how much sodium in in a large movie popcorn?

A large popcorn at the movie theater concession stand contains about 1,500 mg of sodium, and that’s without adding any more toppings. So why is it listed on low-sodium foods?

Do You Know What Organic Means?

The word organic has nothing to do with salt or sodium but it is something we all should know about. It is about healthier choices. According to Simply stated, organic produce and other ingredients are grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, genetically modified organisms, or ionizing radiation. Animals that produce… Read more »

Infografic-Sodium And An Unhealthy Heart

This infographic is about sodium facts that lead to an unhealthful heart. Did you know that something labeled healthy must have a sodium level less than 480 mg? Watch those serving sizes, they can be small.

Infographic by Million Hearts-Tracking Down The Salt In Food

This infographic has a lot of information to help you learn more about sodium. Where to find it and how to choose lower sodium options. You can see how sodium can add up throughout the day.

3 Tips To Help Calculate Your Daily Sodium Intake

When you are told to go on a low sodium diet. The dietitian or doctor may tell you to keep your daily sodium intake below 2000mg or (2g that’s 2 grams). Perhaps you are told to stay below, 1500mg, or 1000mg, 500mg or even 100mg of sodium per day. How do you calculate how much… Read more »

Doc Says No More Salt…What Can I Do?

First step: Take the salt shaker off the table and don’t add salt to your cooking. Just don’t do it. Tip: You don’t need to add salt to water when cooking potatoes, rice, pasta or even oatmeal. Your toppings will be enough to flavor them. Just eliminating salt from the table and your cooking is… Read more »

Why Do We Crave Salty Foods?

Some people just love and crave salt. Are you one of them? Do you love salt on fries, eggs, rice, chips, or tomatoes? How about avocado, soups, steak, corn, popcorn, oatmeal, or grapefruit? Have you seen anyone salt pickles or pizza? Besides copious amounts of sugar and caffeine, today’s typical American sure does have an… Read more »

Tips For Helping You Calculate Your Daily Sodium Intake

The powers-that-be, doctors, nurses, dietitians, recommend that people take in between 1,500 milligrams or less with health problems and maximum 2,300 milligrams of sodium daily for a healthy person. For the record, one teaspoon of table salt equals about 2,300 milligrams of sodium. If you’re like most people in America, then you’re consuming way more… Read more »

The Differences Between Sodium and Salt

If you mention the word “salt” to people, the vast majority know exactly what you’re talking about and what it is. “The white stuff you put on food” is the typical response, right? Then there’s the word “sodium,” which not as many people can clearly identify. Some people use salt and sodium interchangeably, as if… Read more »

Reasons to Cut Down on Sodium Intake

Why are so many people today suffering from conditions such as hypertension? Could it stem from consuming foods with too much salt? That could be a factor. The American Heart Association recommends that we take in no more than 2,300mg (milligrams) of sodium per day and most low sodium diet guidelines should be 1,500 mg… Read more »