Happy 4th of July, Barbecue Sauce Recipe & Liquid Smoke

Wishing you all a Happy and Safe 4th of July.

I really love fireworks, so we will watch them tonight. Barbecue is especially popular today and July is National Grilling Month. Typical barbecue sauce can be quite salty (high in sodium).

Below is a link for my Barbecue Sauce Recipe in the cookbook. It can be a bit spicy with the Calypso. (You can cut back on the Calypso and use more Gusto to make it milder) It still has a kick with Gusto but not hot. Great sauce for meats, vegetables, and dipping.

If you want more of a smoky BBQ Sauce try adding just a drop or two of Wrights Liquid Smoke (my favorite is Hickory) and I like their other flavors including Mesquite and Applewood. It has no sodium but adds really good flavor.

Enjoy! Click here for recipe: https://www.bensonsgourmetseasonings.com/recipes/spicy-barbecue-sauce-recipe/

Click on image for more information about Wrights Liquid Smoke