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No Salt Added Tuna

Crown Prince was one of the first cans of no salt added I found and it is good. Here is some helpful information about tuna and mercury. Light tunas (skipjack and tongol) typically have lower levels of mercury than white tunas (albacore and yellowfin). The “light” labeling isn’t always 100% accurate about this. Try to… Read more »

3 Tips that can help a Low Sodium Diet

Fresh Lemons. These are so key to a salt free diet/low sodium diet. Always have fresh lemons around. The basic lemons like Eureka work better than the Meyer lemons here. Your tongue has trouble telling the difference between salt and sour. Lemon is Mother Nature’s sour salt. A squeeze of fresh lemon juice will brighten… Read more »

How to Manage a No-Salt Diet

Salt-free diet

Did your doctor just tell you you need to go on a no-salt diet right away? Alternatively, have you decided you want to try a no-salt diet to see what effect it has on your health? It can be challenging putting together delicious meals that don’t have any salt in them, but it is possible… Read more »

Maximize The Use of Seasonings, Herbs and Spices For A More Flavorful Healthy Diet

Seasonings are so important when cooking a healthy diet. There are ways you can bring out the flavor of seasonings, herbs, spices, and chilies. How you cook them, when you add them and how you store them all make a difference when trying to maximize flavor. Learn more click here:

Gift Ideas For Father’s Day & June Is Men’s Health Month

Gift Ideas For Father’s Day And June Is Men’s Health Month Cooking Gifts For Easier And More Flavorful Meals Especially When Following A Low Sodium Diet Cooking gifts would be appreciated by almost anyone that cooks, especially when on a low sodium diet. These folks must do most of their own cooking at home to… Read more »

Do You Know How To Grill Low Sodium Vegetables?

At this time of year, Spring and Summer, with all the varieties of vegetables coming into their season. Nothing is more beautiful than a platter of grilled vegetables. Make sure to grill extra vegetables to add more flavor and serve in sandwiches, salads, omelets, snacks, etc. Learn 8 tips for added flavor when grilling vegetables

Salt-Free Seasonings Offer Help Living With A Low Sodium Diet

Salt-free seasonings are the key to living with a low sodium diet. Low sodium diets do not have to be bland. You need good quality salt-free seasonings. The seasonings need to be fresh with good aroma and you need a variety of them. You will be surprised how quickly you can become tired of the… Read more »

Infografic-Sodium And An Unhealthy Heart

This infographic is about sodium facts that lead to an unhealthful heart. Did you know that something labeled healthy must have a sodium level less than 480 mg? Watch those serving sizes, they can be small.

Did You Know There Are Hundreds of Varieties of Avocados?

Yes, There are hundreds of varieties of avocados. It’s amazing that 95% of avocados sold in the US are grown in California and about 90% of those are Hass. That may be why so many folks think there is only one type of avocado or 2 if you consider ripe and unripe. Learn more about… Read more »

Doc Says No More Salt…What Can I Do?

First step: Take the salt shaker off the table and don’t add salt to your cooking. Just don’t do it. Tip: You don’t need to add salt to water when cooking potatoes, rice, pasta or even oatmeal. Your toppings will be enough to flavor them. Just eliminating salt from the table and your cooking is… Read more »

7 Tips To Do And 7 Tips To Avoid When Eating Out In A Restaurant

I just shared a post which was shared by the Daily Dish on Facebook. This is about tips to help lower your sodium intake. Here is a similar article I wrote a while back on this topic. Enjoy. 7-Tips-To-Do-And-7-Tips-To-Avoid-When-Eating-Out

Do you know how much sodium 1 tablespoon of soy sauce has?

Did you know just one tablespoon of soy sauce typically contains a whopping 1,000 milligrams of sodium? That’s about half of the recommended limit for sodium intake in an entire day. Consider soy sauce a high-sodium food. Low Sodium Soy Sauce Substitute Recipe(This recipe doesn’t taste exactly like the real thing but it is pretty… Read more »

Most salad dressings are very high in sodium

Here you are trying to eat healthier and now you found out that most salad dressings are very high in sodium. Read the labels and understand what the amount of sodium is per serving which is usually 2 Tablespoons. Many of us use much more especially for a large salad. The amount of sodium can… Read more »

What do you think? Which is better, a brown or white egg?

I always thought brown eggs were better, however I recently learned different Brown eggs are laid by red hens, and white eggs are laid by white hens. Nutritionally all chicken eggs are basically the same, no matter the color of the shell, brown, white, blue, green, etc. Brown eggs cost more because they are larger…. Read more »

Where Does Most Of The Sodium In Our Diet Come From?

Most of the sodium we get from our diets is not usually from the salt shaker, but from processed foods like canned foods, microwave foods and a really big source is fast foods. So to start lowering our daily sodium intake we must learn to cook differently. This means learning to cook from fresh ingredients,… Read more »

Any Idea How Much Sodium Is In Dairy Products?

Remember when I told you that often the lower the fat, the higher the sodium? Here is are some examples per serving: Whole milk, 1 cup 98 mg sodium 2% milk, 1 cup 100 mg sodium 1% milk, 1 cup 107 mg sodium Nonfat milk, 1 cup 145 mg sodium Half n Half, 1 Tablespoon,… Read more »

If using butter, use unsalted butter instead of salted

Save on your daily sodium intake, just by using unsalted butter instead of salted. You can save quite a bit of additional sodium and it tastes better. You might not think this is a big deal but it adds-up, especially when cooking for holidays or special occasions. You will find most brands of salted butter… Read more »

Tips When Eating Out In A Restaurant On A Low Sodium Diet

Eating out on a low sodium diet? Here are a few tips: Ask to have no salt added to your food, no sauces or gravies, no condiments, and take a bottle of Table Tasty salt substitute with you to the restaurant. Click for more tips about what you should do when eating out and tips… Read more »

Lemons can add a more salty flavor to a low sodium diet

The first tip is using Fresh Lemons. These are so key to a salt-free diet/low sodium diet. Always have fresh lemons around. The basic lemons like Eureka work better than the Meyer lemons here. Your tongue has trouble telling the difference between salt and sour. Lemon is Mother Nature’s sour salt. A squeeze of fresh… Read more »

The Doctor Says “No Salt” Now What?

Hi Everybody, Debbie Benson here… This is where I can tell you about what I know, what I have found out, and here I can also rant a bit. Since I was a little girl I have been aware of sodium, both high and low levels, as you learned in my first Season-It Newsletter 3… Read more »