Use Benson's Salt-Free Seasonings & Recipes... You'll Enjoy Really Good Tasting, Flavorful Food!

All of Benson’s Gourmet Seasonings are salt-free, sugar-free, contain no preservatives, no MSG, no potassium chloride and are wheat free and gluten free. Each seasoning has between 13 and 19 different herbs, spices and vegetables. Real ingredients for amazing aroma and great flavor. Now you can enjoy your lower sodium food.

Many of you who come to Benson’s Gourmet Salt-Free Seasonings’ website are searching for a really good salt substitute. Preferably a no potassium chloride salt substitute. You found it! Benson’s Gourmet Salt Free Seasonings offers a very special, very tasty, all natural, no potassium chloride salt substitute called Table Tasty.