Garlic tips – How you use it makes a difference

Prepare the garlic and use it. Don’t chop the garlic too far ahead of time as it starts oxidizing and turning bitter. You may have noticed on most cooking shows, they chop the garlic and it goes directly into the pan. This is best way for the best flavor. If you must chop a head of time, cover it with olive oil, so the air won’t affect it so quickly. If you put it into the refrigerator the flavor will becomes flat. Mince it then use it.

How you chop or prepare the garlic makes a difference in the taste. Remember allicin, that sulfur-bearing compound that makes the pungent smell of garlic? Well, the more of this compound that gets exposed, the stronger the flavor. Contrary to what you might think, when you coarsely chop or barely smash the garlic, the larger pieces impart a milder flavor. There are less of the compounds exposed. The finer minced garlic, is stronger in flavor, because more of the compounds are exposed. This is one of the reasons why roasted garlic is so mild because the cloves are left whole.

Tip: It is always good to a least smash the garlic a little to break it open and start releasing it’s benefits. Click here to learn moreā€¦