Where Does Most Of The Sodium In Our Diet Come From?

Most of the sodium we get from our diets is not usually from the salt shaker, but from processed foods like canned foods, microwave foods and a really big source is fast foods. So to start lowering our daily sodium intake we must learn to cook differently.

This means learning to cook from fresh ingredients, from scratch and cooking without salt. Now you think if you take the salt out of the recipe and fix it the same way it will be ok. Maybe not exactly the same but it should still taste good. Right? Unfortunately it often doesn’t taste the same, not even close. It will most likely taste bland. It might look the same, smell the same or close, but it will not taste the same. Now you are really disappointed, perhaps even shocked as you didn’t think there was that much salt and now you are sad.

You may start thinking you can’t do this new low sodium diet. Your life is destined to be bland. Now what do you do? You will need to learn to cook differently and create new favorite recipes. Read more low sodium diet tips here>>>http://bit.ly/1LMDvny