Starting A Low Sodium Diet & Making Your Food Taste Salty Should Not Be Your Main Goal

Starting a low sodium diet, your first thought might be to find a salt substitute. You think you’ve got to replace the salt taste in your food. Using salt substitutes to make food taste salty should not be your only goal. More than you realize, you need flavor too. You will need to learn how to increase flavor. Start by using salt free seasonings, fresh herbs, fresh vegetables, citrus and fruits, vinegars, different cooking techniques, trying new foods and following good low sodium recipes.

When first trying to eat without salt, your food tastes bland. You miss the salt as this is the flavor you are used to. Your taste buds need time to re-train themselves to taste the food and not just the salt. For many, it will take several weeks to several months to accomplish this. Don’t cheat with the salt shaker and the taste bud changes will happen and the changes will happen quicker. Learn more>>>