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Zesty Lemon & Herb Salt Free Seasoning 1 lb Bag


Zesty Lemon & Herb
Contains: Onion, Lemon, Citric Acid, Garlic, Dill, Parsley, Chervil, Paprika, Thyme, Fennel, White Pepper, Tarragon and Green Onion

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Our lemon and herb seasoning blend has a pure, fresh lemon taste, which is tempered with just the right amount of spices and herbs, leaning towards the Mediterranean area. Described as an enhanced dill seasoning or a unique onion seasoning to compliment your favorite fish and seafood dishes. Use in pasta salads, egg, rice and vegetable recipes. Sprinkle on green salads, spinach salads and steamed or lightly sauteed vegetables, even mushrooms. Especially good with anything green such as leafy greens and green vegetables like broccoli, artichokes, asparagus and green beans. Makes an Excellent Lemon & Herb Chicken, look for our recipe on the recipe page.


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