Vinegar – So many kinds to add that flavorful zing from mild to spicy

Have a variety of vinegar available, especially for a low sodium diet. Most of us are familiar with apple cider vinegar, white distilled vinegar and balsamic vinegar, but there are so many more types and flavors. Red wine vinegar, and white wine vinegar are staples in the vinegar realm.

Try Chardonnay vinegar or Sherry vinegar with a different flavor edge. Also, there are hot and spicy vinegars, garlic vinegar, and many types of herbal vinegar to choose from. One of my favorites is tarragon vinegar.

Tip #1: Remember every brand will taste different.

Tip #2: A substitute for the popular apple cider vinegar is 2 teaspoons of lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of apple juice, this works great, especially if you don’t use vinegar or just run out of it.

Tip #3: Don’t use seasoned rice wine vinegar because there is salt and sugar in it. Use the unseasoned rice vinegar or rice wine vinegar. It’s also a milder vinegar.