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Table Tasty No Potassium Chloride Salt Substitute 2 Pound Bag (32oz)

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Weight 32 oz

1 review for Table Tasty No Potassium Chloride Salt Substitute 2 Pound Bag (32oz)

  1. Curtis McCullough

    A Real Find

    In February I was hospitalized with COPD with exacerbation and almost died. I was in the hospital for 8 days and was sent home with oxygen and new life style rules, one of which was very low sodium. My sodium level has always been low so I was a BIG salt eater. There were times I would just eat it from my hand. When they restricted me, as you can imagine, I was having a fit! A friend suggested Table Tasty and I figured it was worth a shot. I had already tried NoSalt and some other brands that left a LOT to be desired so I wasn’t expecting much. Imagine my surprise when I tried it and found it better than salt. To me, it has a great salty taste plus another “herby” taste that is just an added bonus! Believe me when I saw I love Table Tasty and I’m not sure what I would have done without it. My daughter laughs at me because I eat it on everything. Yes, sometimes I eat a pinch at a time out of the palm of my hand. 🙂

    Thank you Benson’s for giving good food back to me.

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