Sportsmens Collection Wild Game Recipes Cookbook


We came up with the Sportsmens Collection because our family is mostly from the Midwest (Iowa and Illinois) and was surrounded with game meat. Currently most wild game seasonings and wild game recipes are full of salt. So many of the wild game cookbooks, take an all natural healthy game meat that’s without chemicals or hormones and add a packet of seasoning or add a can of something that is full of salt and chemicals. Our Wild Game Recipes, are mostly one pan cooking with fresh ingredients and our unique and very special Wild Game Seasonings, which add a terrific aroma and flavor to big game, small game, upland birds, waterfowl and chili recipes.

If you don’t have a hunter in the family, you can find game meat available through a variety of mail order sources or in many natural food stores.

Game meat is a very heart healthy meat.

Note: Bensons Gourmet Wild Game Cookbook is included Free when your order The Sportsmen’s Collection or the 9 Pack Special.

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In this cookbook you will find 17 Wild Game Recipes listed below:

  • Recipes for Venison – deer meat
    • Marinated Venison Roast
    • Hunters Stew with Pasta
    • Venison Chops
    • Broiled Ground Venison Patties
    • French Style Venison
    • Venison Sauerbraten
  • Recipes for Elk
    • Elk Steaks with Herbed Butter
  • Recipes for Buffalo or Bison
    • Chuckwagon Buffalo Steaks
  • Recipes for Wild Boar
    • Grilled Rack of Wild Boar
  • Recipes for Rabbit
    • Rabbit ‘N Herbs
  • Recipes for Pheasant
    • Roast Pheasant in Foil
    • Pheasant with Sour Cream Mushroom Sauce
  • Recipes for Quail
    • Roast Quail European Style
  • Recipes for Wild Duck
    • Wild Ducks with Pecan Stuffing
  • Recipes for Wild Goose
    • Wild Goose with Apricot Stuffing
  • Recipes for Chili
    • Venison Chili
    • Simply Chili


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