Sample 9 pack + 1 Extra Table Tasty = 10 Samples



1 9 Pack Samples + 1 Extra Free Table Tasty Sample = 10 Samples
1 110-SA Supreme Garlic and Herb Sample
1 106-SA Gusto Garlic Pepper Sample
1 112-SA Masterpiece Mediterranean Sample
1 104-SA Zesty Lemon and Herb Sample
1 107-SA Calypso Caribbean Hot and Spicy Sample
1 115-SA Ponderosa Game Meat/Beef Sample
1 116-SA Heritage Game Bird/Poultry & Stuffing Sample
1 117-SA Bravado Tex-Mex Style Chili Seasoning Sample
2 103-SA Table Tasty Original Salt Substitute Samples

10 Samples Total

Note: All samples can be used with vegetables


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