How About A Low Sodium Dip That Is Popular & Tastes Great!

When it comes to parties and dips Guacamole dip is one of the most requested. It is made with fresh avocados and fresh ingredients which will help keep it low sodium. However, a low sodium dip is not usually served at parties. Guacamole dip can be high sodium by adding salt, a commercial seasoning packet, hot sauce which is usually high in sodium or a combination of these. As you can see, this naturally low sodium dip can easily become a high sodium dip. Then serving salted tortilla chips can push the sodium over the top. Serve with unsalted tortilla chips or crudités which is a French word for raw or lightly blanched vegetables served in bite-size pieces like carrot sticks or cauliflower florets, often served with a dip or dressing. Try thinly sliced Jicama (it’s crunchy like a chip). Keep it fresh, natural and low sodium.