Category: Low Sodium Cooking Tips

If using butter, use unsalted butter instead of salted

Save on your daily sodium intake, just by using unsalted butter instead of salted. You can save quite a bit of additional sodium and it tastes better. You might not think this is a big deal but it adds-up, especially when cooking for holidays or special occasions. You will find most brands of salted butter… Read more »

Splurge! Start using a variety of colorful bell peppers.

Make your food more colorful. You’ve heard it said “We eat with our eyes first”. Sometimes we get tired of eating the same thing all the time. Just by adding more colors, the whole dish changes. Plus you are adding not just color but also flavor and nutrition. Try starting with colorful bell peppers. Instead… Read more »

Have You Ever Wondered Why Chickens Are Sold On Yellow Trays?

Since yellow trays today are associated with chicken and only chicken, this helps avoid cross contamination and helps with inventory control. But what prompted this color for chickens? Many associate yellow with baby chicks however you want yellow chickens for the best flavor and these yellow trays help reflect the yellow color. Look for yellow… Read more »

Mirepoix – Do You Know What This Is?

One of the most basic and most important flavor builders is a French cooking term or technique called a mirepoix. This one cooking technique will help you a lot to create more flavorful food. All of you should know about it and start using it when cooking, especially for a low sodium diet. What is… Read more »