Splurge! Start using a variety of colorful bell peppers.

Make your food more colorful. You’ve heard it said “We eat with our eyes first”. Sometimes we get tired of eating the same thing all the time. Just by adding more colors, the whole dish changes. Plus you are adding not just color but also flavor and nutrition.

Try starting with colorful bell peppers. Instead of the just using the regular green bell peppers add a red or yellow. (I know some of you say the green doesn’t agree with you so you don’t use any bell peppers. That’s why I took the green bell pepper out and just use red bell peppers in my seasonings.) Try the other colors as they are milder, sweeter and add the wow factor to anything you add them to. Whether it’s a cooked dish, a salad, even as crudite’s (or dippers) for a dip.

They might be more expensive but you can stretch them for different dishes. Just a few slices or dices of the different colors can make a colorful impact. Especially, when you want to spruce-up dinner, are entertaining, a party, even when tailgaiting. Give them a try!

Tip: Fresh is best, but you can also find frozen cut bell peppers in most grocery stores.

Note: We all should be supporting our local farmers markets. Look for new varieties of the freshest produce both colors and flavors.

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