Tips for Storing Your Spices

Storing SpicesBy selecting the right seasonings and spices for your kitchen, you can make sure that you’re able to add more flavor to the meals that you cook. But when you introduce new seasonings and spices into your home, you should always do your part to store them properly. This will ensure that they’re effective when you use them and make them last much longer than they would otherwise. Here are a few tips for storing your seasonings and spices.

Store your seasonings and spices in a covered container.

You should never store seasonings and spices in the cupboards of your home uncovered. While you might not think that anything will be able to get to them in your cupboards, there is always moisture in the air that can affect seasonings and spices when they’re not covered. Keep them in a container with a lid on it, and tighten that lid after using your seasonings and spices.

Keep your seasonings and spices away from sunlight.

Sunlight can really take a toll on your seasonings and spices if you let it. Therefore, you shouldn’t ever store them in a space that might get direct sunlight at any point during the day. It’s best to keep seasonings and spices in a cabinet that stays shut all the time. This will prevent light from affecting your seasonings and spices at any point.

Put your seasonings and spices in a place far from any moisture.

When you keep your seasonings and spices in your kitchen, it can be challenging keeping them away from moisture. Everything from your sink and dishwasher to a boiling pot of water can put moisture into the air and affect your seasonings and spices. Find a place where moisture won’t be able to attack them. This should keep them fresher for a lot longer.

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