Tastiest Salt Substitute of All Salt Substitutes

Many of you have been searching, tasting, trying all the salt substitutes
And are still searching for a really good salt substitute
Preferably you want or need a No Potassium Salt Substitute
or technically a No Potassium Chloride Salt Substitute…
Table Tasty, a salt free seasoningYou found it!

Table Tasty is a very special, very salty tasting, all natural, salt substitute that started out as a salt-free popcorn seasoning.

Table Tasty salt substitute is a seasoning that has a nice salty flavor, with no bitter after taste (no potassium chloride). Table Tasty just tricks those taste buds into thinking it is salt. Imagine, no more bland food. Table Tasty really helps take care of those salt cravings and is a great tasting popcorn seasoning. This search for a salt-free popcorn seasoning is what started our company. We wanted an all natural, healthy, tasty, salt-free popcorn seasoning. As some of you know, salt-free popcorn is not very appealing. It reminds you of eating balls of paper, not very enjoyable. Now your popcorn is a much healthier, tastier, treat. Whether you are salt-free or not…Table Tasty is a seasoning that tastes great. Of all the salt substitutes most of you will find Table Tasty is the tastiest one of all and no potassium chloride.

When searching through the maze of salt substitutes and trying most of them, you are usually disappointed. You just want something that tastes like salt without the sodium. That’s what Table Tasty does. It’s not white like salt, as it is a seasoning with herbs and spices, but for most of you, it does taste very salty, like salt.

Table Tasty has the strongest salt taste when sprinkled on raw food or sprinkled on after the food is cooked and used at the table like a table salt shaker. This is why we named it Table Tasty. We wanted something to replace table salt. However, it is also very good when added (especially at the end of cooking) to foods like, soups, sauces, gravies, beans, etc., which can be very challenging to make tasty without salt. Many of you cook with Table Tasty and love it. You buy it by the pound bag or 2-pound bag and are hooked. However, Table Tasty doesn’t have a strong aroma factor like cooking seasonings. For instance, a good fresh Italian seasoning has a wonderful aroma and adds a lot of flavor. So use an Italian type seasoning like our Supreme or Masterpiece for aroma and flavor and add Table Tasty as salt, if needed. Combining seasonings like this example, when cooking, will give you much more flavor and better tasting results.

Even though Table Tasty tastes a lot like salt, remember it’s a seasoning. Keep it airtight with the cap on, not in a salt shaker. Place it on the table instead of the salt shaker. Do not refrigerate Table Tasty or any seasonings. Do not store on the stove (near heat) or near a window as the heat and light will cause the flavor to deteriorate. This is true of all seasonings. Try not to sprinkle over steamy foods, so steam or moisture doesn’t get inside the bottle and cause clumping.

Take Table Tasty with you to the restaurant, to work, or when traveling, RV-ing, camping, tail-gaiting, even those of you who travel for work like truck drivers and salesmen should take Table Tasty with you on the road.

Table Tasty adds amazing flavor to your usually plain vegetables, especially potatoes (baked potatoes, boiled potatoes, potato salad, potato soup, french fries, etc), fresh tomatoes, corn-on-the-cob, salads and even on cottage cheese. Yes, it’s great on eggs. Use it in scrambled eggs, omelets, frittatas, egg salad, deviled eggs, or even just sprinkled on a plain hard boiled egg. You can actually enjoy eggs again. Don’t forget the popcorn. This is what we originally created Table Tasty for. There are two foods that Table Tasty doesn’t go very well with and they are margaritas and watermelon. Table Tasty helps give you that natural salty taste you’ve been missing while following your no salt, low sodium diet, also wonderful added to a raw food diet. You will want to include Table Tasty for any healthy diet and/or healthy lifestyle. Table Tasty is a healthy, tasty, salt-alternative.

Many doctors tell their patients “No salt substitutes”, but not always why. It’s because most salt substitutes are made of a potassium product and/or potassium chloride. Much of the heart and blood pressure medication today is potassium based. Also, you might be supplementing with a potassium product. If you add potassium chloride from salt substitutes you could throw off the benefits and be getting too much of this potassium which can adversely affect your heart. If the doctor says no salt substitutes it’s because of the potassium chloride, as that is what most salt substitutes are made of.

Think of Table Tasty as a healthy, very tasty, all-natural seasoning, that tastes a lot like salt and is salt-free, sodium-free and no potassium chloride.

Don’t forget to add Table Tasty and Bravado together for a delicious Tex-Mex (Dorito-like) flavor, that is salt-free and very tasty.

Note: If you must watch your potassium amounts, be aware that many of the low sodium products, reduced sodium products, and most salt substitutes, are made with potassium chloride. For example, most of the low sodium and reduced sodium soups and broths are made with potassium chloride.

Of all the salt substitutes, most folks find Table Tasty has the most salt flavor. It is not salt but it does give a really nice salty taste, not a chemical taste. Table Tasty has a very nice saltiness, it is very satisfying. Even kids love it. Sprinkle Table Tasty on noodles and children think it tastes like Top Ramen (which they should not be eating, especially from a sodium stand point). The less salt you eat, the saltier it tastes. In the beginning, you may need to use more than you think. Go ahead, use more if needed to.make your food taste good.

Understand, your taste buds need time to re-train themselves to taste the food and not just the salt. For many, it will take several weeks to several months to accomplish this. Don’t cheat with the salt and the taste bud changes will happen, and the changes will happen sooner. Your taste buds will be changing or rejuvenating themselves in as little time as 10 days. You will notice a difference in the way food tastes pretty quickly, even in just a few days. Be patient and don’t cheat with the salt. Don’t give up. Breaking habits, especially the salt habit, takes time.

Note: Using salt substitutes to make food taste salty should not be your only goal. While following a low sodium diet, you need to add aroma and flavor too. A variety of flavor is best. Take a look at our other salt-free seasonings and get rid of bland food forever.

Give our Table Tasty Salt Substitute a try. You will be pleasantly surprised. Order Now!

All of our seasonings contain no potassium chloride and no tomato. Also, Table Tasty does not contain black pepper or white pepper.

Especially important for those of you taking certain medications, kidney problems and/or are on dialysis.

Table Tasty No Potassium Chloride Salt Substitute Ingredients: Nutritional yeast extract (No Candida Albicans, No Msg), carrot, red bell pepper, onion, arrowroot, lemon/organic citric acid, celery, dill, paprika, allspice, sweet basil, parsley and silicon dioxide (to help prevent caking)
Coming Very Soon – February 2019

Two New Table Tasty Salt Substitute Blends:

  1. Table Tasty with Roasted Garlic
  2. Table Tasty with Chipotle (smoked jalapeno)

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Flavor Tip

If you mix Table Tasty salt substitute (#103) with Bravado chili seasoning (#117) about 50/50, you will get a Dorito Tex-Mex like flavor and it’s salt free!!! Try this combination on unsalted corn chips, unsalted potato chips, unsalted nuts, on popcorn, on eggs, (or in a Spanish omelet, or deviled eggs), on a baked potato or fries, in taco meat (including grilled fish tacos), beans and guacamole.

These are just a few ideas to spice-up your low sodium diet and add another flavor to your food. Enjoy!

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