In The Beginning – Salt Substitute For Mom

Hello and Welcome Everyone,

I am often asked why did you get into this business?

I started out telling you about my Mom in previous newsletters about her health: 3 Tips The Will Help A Low Sodium Diet, Garlic For Health – Garlic For Flavor, How To Roast Garlic 3 Ways

This newsletter is about how I got my start in this business. It was simply, to find a salt substitute for my Mom’s popcorn. She loved popcorn. Yes, it was simply popcorn that started my salt-free seasoning business. It started by searching for a good tasting salt substitute.

A long, long, time ago Mom and I found our first salt substitute in the grocery store. We were so excited. Sunday night movie, and we were going to have popcorn. I started popping 6 big bowls (that’s 6 batches) in a 12-inch cast iron skillet, shaking it on the stove, which took a while. Next step, is adding the salt substitute. I’m generously shaking it on all of the bowls. Now, I handed out the bowls of popcorn for everyone to enjoy. We were so excited and giddy with happiness. I served my bowl last. To my surprise I hear the painful cries of, “This tastes terrible” and, “What did you do?” Even my sister who will eat just about anything, just gave me a look. It was not good. Then I tasted mine. I will never forget that horrible taste.

Why didn’t I even think to taste it first? Well, please forgive me, I was only about 10 years old but still. Then I tasted the salt substitute and there it was… that horrible, bitter, metallic taste. I had to throw away all 6 large bowls of popcorn. It wasn’t edible. It couldn’t be saved. Lesson learned.

To this day I don’t like the taste of potassium chloride. That is why we don’t use it in any of the seasoning blends. This ingredient is what most salt substitutes are made of and with. By the way, it is added to most of the salt-free seasonings and salt-free products like chicken broth.

But, it was this horrible taste experience that started my journey. It lead me to find a salt substitute, (preferably natural) for my Mom’s popcorn. We couldn’t find one, so we learned how to make our own. This was many years later. Oh, the things we tried.

What a journey!

Mom and I started selling cookware at swap meets, and this company had one salt-free seasoning. We sold a lot of this seasoning. That’s where we met another person who wanted to start a salt-free seasoning company. We were excited to help him. He did have a salt substitute (no salt added but it wasn’t exactly low sodium). We knew this because we swelled up the next day after trying it. Also, it was greenish so it looked like mold sprinkled on the food. Tasted pretty good though, and he created other very good seasonings. We worked for him part time. Then he went out of business. We tried to buy his business but to no avail.
A few years later Mom and I went to Europe with an art group. When in Germany, I saw a shaker on the restaurant’s table and the waiter said it was salt-free. He also said the product could only be supplied and sold in Germany. Wow, it tasted great. Never forgot this taste either. Many years later I found a similar taste at a health show. After searching, searching and searching, I found the taste we now have.

There will be more about my journey in future newsletters, but this is how the business started. We didn’t think we could make a living with just one bottle so we created 4 more, a total of 5 and our business began.

Some of my long time customers know that Table Tasty has taken quite a few adjustments over the years. The main ones which I did for my customers by their request was, I took out the garlic. Who knew, some folks didn’t like garlic. Then I took out the green bell pepper, some folks can’t digest it very well. Then I took out the tomato. This one was especially for the folks with kidney problems. This often follows heart problems and high blood pressure. And this often leads to renal failure and it especially helps the people on dialysis.

What’s new?

The Table Tasty bottles now have 3 ounces instead of 2. We have a 1 pound bag and a 2 pound bag. The bags are stand-up pouches with a clear back, so you can see when you are getting low, and they are re-sealable, like a zip-lock type bag.

Click here to see the different sizes of Table Tasty.

What’s next?

What’s next for Table Tasty? Finally, a new Roasted Garlic Table Tasty and a Chipotle Table Tasty is in the works. The samples I recently made, need more adjusting to be to my liking. Hopefully, these new blends will be available before Christmas.

Although Table Tasty started out as a salt-free popcorn seasoning, it’s a bonus is that it has a good flavor and it works sprinkled on or added to just about everything. It is especially good on those foods where you miss the salt like fresh tomatoes, potatoes, french fries, corn-on-the-cob, eggs, salads, soups, gravies and sauces. Try it on cauliflower, even if you don’t like cauliflower.

Watch one of my biggest fans, Chef AJ. She so encourages me.

The Chef and the Dietitian Episode 20 Cauliflower AuGratin and Faux Parmesan

Click here to watch (about 6 minutes)

Faux Parmesan Recipe by Chef AJ

1 cup almonds
1/2 cup nutritional yeast (Whole Foods Brand) is good
1 1/2 – 2 Tablespoons Bensons Table Tasty Salt Substitute

In a food processor or blender, combine all ingredients and process until fine. 8 – 10 seconds. That’s it. You are left with a fantastic seasoning enhancer, for any dish.

Ideas: Use this on everything from air popped popcorn, to veggies, salads, chili, soups, pasta, etc.

I hope you found this information helpful.

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