Meniere’s Disease – Symptoms of Vertigo and Tinnitus Can Be Helped by Following a Low Sodium Diet

Perhaps one of the easiest and most effective ways of easing the symptoms of this disease is by following a low sodium diet. Lowering your daily sodium intake is believed to be an effective way to reduce symptoms of vertigo, helps to alleviate pressure in the ear, and other symptoms.

You may not think that you consume that much sodium, but upon a closer look, you will probably find that there is a lot of sodium in things that you may not even think about including the seasonings that you use in your foods. It’s not just about eliminating salt, at the table or when cooking, although this should be the first step. It’s that salt and sodium seems to be in just about everything. There is a lot of hidden salt and sodium in everyday food especially processed food, fast food, even bread and pastries that you might not think of at first. There is a lot of sodium in most seasonings, flavor packets, canned soups, even if they don’t taste too salty, there is usually more sodium than you might think.

Using salt-free seasonings, a good salt substitute, reading the sodium amounts on food labels along with the serving sizes and becoming more aware and knowledgeable of which foods are high in sodium, can help you get the salt out of your diet and thereby lowering your daily sodium intake. This can lower fluid retention which is necessary for most to effectively manage this potentially debilitating disorder. Salt-free seasonings can help you enjoy more flavorful food and a low sodium diet can help you successfully cope with vertigo, tinnitus, and other symptoms of Meniere’s disease.