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Any Idea How Much Sodium Is In Dairy Products?

Remember when I told you that often the lower the fat, the higher the sodium? Here is are some examples per serving: Whole milk, 1 cup 98 mg sodium 2% milk, 1 cup 100 mg sodium 1% milk, 1 cup 107 mg sodium Nonfat milk, 1 cup 145 mg sodium Half n Half, 1 Tablespoon,… Read more »

Increase Potassium To Help Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

One of the best ways to lower your blood pressure naturally, is to increase your potassium to about 4700 mg daily. This is about double the suggested daily sodium intake of about 2000 mg. Potassium is found in low or high amounts in just about everything we eat. and higher in fruits, some vegetables like… Read more »