Sodium Free Salt Products

As happens to so many, a sudden heart attack forever changed our family. While we thank God Mom survived, we were unprepared for the lifestyle changes that followed. We had no idea that the meals we loved so much were causing so much harm. In the late 50’s, words like cholesterol, low fat, counting calories, and cooking without SALT were just not in the American vocabulary. In fact, the term “Health Food” was still several years off. The only thing we had to go by back then was this simple rule; If it tastes good, it’s probably not good for you.

In her own way, Mom was a pioneer. She quickly accepted how important a healthy diet, a low sodium diet was for all of us, but she wasn’t willing to accept that healthy food shouldn’t taste good. She was a good cook, having grown up on a farm and began experimenting more with fresh herbs and spices in her new ‘healthy’ recipes, and in no time there was never an empty chair at her table. Over time we started taking a serious look at the special needs of people on restricted diets, and began to develop seasoning blends that give great flavor to dishes that are traditionally pretty bland.

In 1989 Benson’s Gourmet Seasonings opened. We started with an all natural, potassium free salt substitute with no bitter after taste. Originally our goal was to create a salt taste for popcorn. We succeeded with Table Tasty! It is good on everything. Now we’re offering a variety of premium gourmet seasoning blends especially for people on restricted diets, but enjoyed by everyone. We also have included a collection of heart healthy recipes. Over the years, our seasonings have been used by hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers who recognize the benefits of a healthy diet, and appreciate the great taste our seasonings add to any dish.