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Hi Everybody, Debbie Benson here... 

This is where I can tell you about what I know, what I have found out, and here I can also rant a bit. 

Since I was a little girl I have been aware of sodium, both high and low levels, as you learned in my first Season-It Newsletter 3 Tips That Help A Low Sodium Diet.  Starting Benson's Gourmet Seasonings has been a dream come true.

As I learn and find helpful information, tips, products, recipes, and websites, I will share the information with you here.  Then, you can follow-up and do your own research and make your own, more informed decisions regarding your health, or the health of a loved one.  Knowledge helps you and gives you the power to make better decisions.

It's not just about what you don't do or can't have.  It's also about things you can or should do or add to your diet that can make a difference. Here we go...


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  1.  Cook with a rainbow of colors.  You've heard the saying "We eat with our eyes first."  Choose to make your food more colorful.  This tip makes your diet more interesting with a variety of colorful fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and grains.  Here are a few ideas you might try. When using a basic yellow or white onion, try adding a red onion or some green onion maybe a shallot.
  2. Yes, There are hundreds of varieties of avocados. It’s amazing that 95% of avocados sold in the US are grown in California and about 90% of those are Hass. That may be why so many folks think there is only one type of avocado or 2 if you consider ripe and unripe.
  3. A bulb of garlic is called a head or a whole head of garlic. 

    Each of the wedges is called a clove of garlic or a garlic clove.

    1 clove of garlic = a teaspoon.

    • Prepare the garlic and use it.  Don't chop the garlic too far ahead of time as it starts oxidizing and turning bitter. You may have noticed on most cooking shows, they chop the garlic and it goes directly into the pan.  This is best way for the best flavor.
  4. How you store garlic makes a difference in the flavor and health benefits
    • Store garlic in a cool dry place.  Not in the refrigerator and don't freeze it as freezing deadens the flavor.  Stored properly, fresh garlic will keep a month or more.
  5. How you purchasestoreprepare and cook garlic, makes a difference in the flavor and the health benefits.

    Purchase the freshest garlic, as it has the best taste.
  6. I love garlic both for the health benefits and for it's flavor.  You might have noticed, all of the seasonings have garlic in them.
  7. Brown and White Eggs in a Basket

     I always thought brown eggs were better, however I recently learned different
    •       Brown eggs are laid by red hens, and white eggs are laid by white hens.
  8. Interesting fact:  Most adults in the US have not discovered the health benefits of walnuts, or any tree nuts.  (Peanuts don't count here as they are not really a nut but a legume, a bean.) A recent study has shown that 94.5% of adults do not eat tree nuts of any kind. Not even pecans or almonds. That leaves only 5.5% of all adults (ages 19-50) that eat tree nuts!  These numbers are shocking, especially since there are so many documented health benefits of nuts, from heart health to weight loss, just from eating about an ounce of tree nuts, (about a handful), 5 days a week.
  9. Variety of Onions
    Health Benefits of Onions
    Most of us think of onions and we think tears and strong flavors and not about how healthy they are.
  10. Bowl of Guacamole DipWhen it comes to parties and dips Guacamole dip is one of the most requested.  It is made with fresh avocados and fresh ingredients which will help keep it low sodium. However, a low sodium dip is not usually served at parties. Guacamole dip can be high sodium by adding salt, a commercial seasoning packet, hot sauce which is usually high in sodium or a combination of these.
  11. Nuts add good flavor to food.  If you toast them in a dry skillet over medium heat for  3 - 5 minutes (until you can smell them and they are golden), shake the pan like you would for popcorn.
  12. Having good health, especially a good healthy heart, is not just about not doing certain things.

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Disclaimer:  This will be information, ideas and comments only. You should check with your doctor before changing your diet.

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